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Happy To Be Of Service

Static image May 25, 2007 The current IT and software development world is very much concerned with services, and service oriented architecture. This is a world well suited for Dovetail Software, we were service oriented from the beginning.   We started life exposing Clarify processes in APIs, and these have evolved today into Web services as well. Our purpose was always to provide extensibility to the Clarify install. It was a more elaborate procedure in earlier years.   “SEC.NET also supports “API invoke mode”, which allows any of the hundreds of available high level APIs from the Dovetail SDK to be invoked. This was originally written to allow systems to send email for integration purposes [...] This capability was built years ago, before the prevalence of SOA architectures. Modern systems will typically just call anAPI directly, or even make a WebService call, as opposed to invoking an API over email (basically, RPC over email).” – Email…