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Task Manager Scenarios

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July 25, 2016 Task Manager for ClarifyI decided to write this to help me get my head around the business end of our new Task Manager product for Clarify. Gary Sherman has put together several posts recently:Dovetail Task Manager IntroductionCreating Custom Tasks for Dovetail Task ManagerTask Manager Trick: Properties with Static Text & a Case PropertyEach of these posts does a great job explaining the technical merits of Dovetail Task Manager, but I felt like I needed to run through some more real-life scenarios to fully understand it. Hopefully, you will find some value here too.The Ease of Task ManagerIt turns out, it’s not really that hard to understand. If you have a business process with multiple activities that could be handled independently of one another, Task Manager makes it easy to set up and maintain. If you have several processes like this,…

Creating custom tasks for Dovetail Task Manager

June 8, 2016 Out of the box, Dovetail Task Manager supports one action - Create Subcase. (See this post for a primer on Task Manager) But because Task Manager is extensible, we can add our own custom actions that can do almost anything. For this example, we’ll walk through  how to add an action named Get Stock Quote, that will call an external web service to get a stock quote. The quote will then be logged as a note to the case. Just for testing, we’ll use Alternate Phone Number field on the case to store the stock symbol.   Setup Add the custom Task Action Using Dovetail Admin, edit the Task Action user-defined list. Add an element named Get Stock Quote Add the custom Task Action parameters Using Dovetail Admin, add a new user-defined list named Get Stock Quote Params Add an…