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Considering SaaS to Replace Your Legacy Amdocs/Clarify Deployment?

SaaS to replace legacy Amdocs Clarify
August 11, 2015 On-Prem to SaaS Over the last 15 years or so as legacy Amdocs/Clarify deployments gradually began to be replaced by other on premise CRM providers such as SAP and Siebel (two we used to see often), companies somewhat knew what they were getting into. They had experience implementing a fairly similar CRM at least once by that point. They knew it was going to be a relatively timely, resource intensive and costly upfront expense to rip and replace. However, as SaaS and various other hosted CRM offerings came along, the enticement of a less costly upfront expenditure, combined with more out-of-the-box configurability from the user and admin standpoint showed promised. Whether it’s an on premise or SaaS solution being considered for rip-and-replace to legacy Clarify deployment, they both have serious challenges that require extremely careful forethought to help ensure success…

Authoring Schema Script to ‘Upsert’ changes to your database. (a.k.a Add and/or Update)

May 17, 2010 Authoring Schema ScriptThis post will teach you the best way to author your Schema Editor schema script to do upserts, adds and/or updates to your Amdocs database schema. Luckily, you do not often have to worry about doing upserts but there is one situation where not doing them can get you into trouble.Anytime you provide schema script which should work whether the object exists or not and must change properties of the original.Sorry if that just lost you. Let's start out with the basics. What is this Schema Script?We created Schema Editor for Amdocs users who need a better way to update the database schema of their Clarify/Amdocs database. When we created SchemaEditor, Gary Sherman was adamant that we needed a new workflow for updating the schema. The classic workflow involved exporting the database schema, manually editing the result, and reapplying the changes. It is not…