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Replacing custom scripts with the SDK Toolkit extension

September 19, 2016 Recently, I talked about the new SDK Toolkit Extension in Dovetail Carrier, which allows for executing methods within the Dovetail SDK Toolkits, without writing any code. Once that was released, I was able to remove some custom scripts from our own production environment, and replaced them with this new SDK Toolkit extension.   Change Status This is the business rule that we has in place: Object Type Case Rule Name/Description When a customer logs a note via SelfService, change the case status to Customer Update Start Events Log Note Cancel Event None Conditions Logger = SelfService Action Title Change Status Create Activity Log Entry? true (checked) Who to Notify no one (leave empty) Start Action 0 minutes From Event Creation Using Elapsed Time Repeat    Never Message Type Command Line Message C:\Dovetail\custom\RuleManagerActions\ChgStatus\ChangeCaseStatus.bat [Object ID] 'Customer Status changed automatically due to action…

SLA Calculations using Dovetail Carrier

August 9, 2016 I was recently working on a project that wanted to track SLAs, but the specific SLA rules were more complex than could be handled just using business rules.  But, the logic would be pretty straightforward to enforce via code. So we came up with a solution that used a combination of business rules and a custom Dovetail Carrier extension.  In this post, I’ll walk through how we accomplished this. There’s a lot of information here, so grab a cup of coffee (or perhaps a glass of scotch), settle in, and lets get to it. Photo by @ederpozo   SLAs Over the past 20+ years of working in the Support/CRM space, I’ve worked with a number of organizations that want to enforce SLAs (service level agreements) in their Support app. Example SLAs All cases must be responded to within 2 business…
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