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Amdocs Clarify Dashboard Tutorial

Static image September 6, 2007 How does the user of the Amdocs Clarify CRM system derive real-time situation analysis – business intelligence for Clarify – in easy-to-use dashboard views of the Clarify data? One simple answer is Dovetail Software’s RuleManager – a drop-in replacement for the Amdocs Rulemanager product – as detailed in the following example.   We’ve been discussing business intelligence for the last few days, the need to integrate data, and the need to present business users with very simple tools. In the background, Dovetail’s own Gary Sherman has written an extensive tutorial showing precisely how to: write business rules to reflect real situations; query the Clarify database for current situations; export the retrieved data as XML; and display them in color-coded graphics in the form of dashboard gauges.   The result is an attractive graphic display, understandable at a glance, showing real-time business intelligence – in this…