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Invoking custom actions in Dovetail Carrier without using Task Manager

June 13, 2016 In my last post, I demonstrated how to create a custom action for Dovetail Task Manager – namely a GetStockQuote action.Now, let's see how we can invoke a custom action without using Task Manager at all.We’ll invoke the same GetStockQuote code within Carrier, but, this has nothing to do with Task Manager. It’s simply a way to get Carrier to execute some custom code.To invoke it, we’ll create a business rule, and have Rulemanager send this message into Carrier. (Recall that Dovetail Rulemanager version 2.0 added Carrier Message as a business rule action message type) ProcessHere’s the overall process:  A New Carrier Message TypeOut of the box, Dovetail Task Manager fires a business rule with an action of Carrier Message.The business rule action message content looks like:type=RunTaskSet caseId=12345 taskSetName=Do Something Cool Task Set  Rulemanager turns this into an actual message, and sends…