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Introducing New Log Email Templates for Cases and Subcases

August 23, 2018 Traditionally, when sending an email out from within Dovetail Agent, (using the Log Email) function, the send_email_about_obj com_tmplte is used. The same email template is used for both cases and subcases. I've discussed this template in past posts: The "From" Address of a Log Email Include a URL to the case in outgoing emails Encouraging SelfService use - Include a link in outgoing emails Example send_email_about_obj template Here's an example of the template: TO: <FOCUS.recipient> CC: <FOCUS.cc_list> FR: <FOCUS.sender> RE: About Case <ADDITIONAL_INFO> : [Case Title] [Subcase Title] <FOCUS.message> Log Email API This template name is coded within the LogEmail API within the Dovetail SDK. We've recently made some enhancements to the LogEmail API to allow for different templates to be used between cases and subcases. We now support two new templates: send_email_about_case send_email_about_subcase   send_email_about_case When performing a log…