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Dovetail Search for Clarify

November 18, 2008 Ever since we introduced Dovetail Seeker this summer, I was anxious to incorporate its capabilities with our applications. It is integrated within Dovetail Agent, Dovetail SelfService, and Dovetail Mobile Agent. Kevin also demonstrated how to incorporate it into your own applications (his particular example was integrating Seeker with an ASP.NET 2.0 web application). We've now integrated Seeker with the Clarify Classic Client, bringing the simple and ubiquitous search box into Clarify. Dovetail Search provides the User Interface (UI) for searching and displaying retrieved search results. Dovetail Search for Clarify makes a request to Seeker, and Seeker returns a set of search results. Dovetail Search displays these results in a simple, intuitive format. What can you search?You can search any data in your Clarify database. Out of the box, Dovetail Search is configured for searching cases, solutions, change requests (bugs), subcases, and part request details. Its easily configurable, so…

Consuming JSON in ClearBasic

October 22, 2008 Recently I had the need to consume JSON in ClearBasic. For example, I make a request to a web service, and the service returns a result set in JSON format. I want to display those results within Clarify. JSON JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format. JSON is a pretty popular data transfer format, especially for the web. Here's an example of a simple JSON object: { FirstName: Joe, LastName: SixPack, Programming Languages: [ClearBasic, Perl, Ruby] } A real-world JSON example I can make an HTTP request to a Google API to perform a web search. The result will be in a JSON format. For example, a search for "fcsdk powershell" can be made by using this URL: The result will be this: {"responseData": {"results":[{"GsearchResultClass":"GwebSearch", "unescapedUrl":"", "url":"", "visibleUrl":"", "cacheUrl":"", "title":"Gary Sherman : Using the u003cbu003efcSDKu003c/bu003e in u003cbu003ePowerShellu003c/bu003e",…

A few UI Editor Tips and Tricks

July 24, 2008 Kevin walked past my laptop the other day and noticed an ugly looking hot-dog-inspired-colored window, and asked -what the hell is that?   This is what it was:   Ugly? Absolutely. Useful? I think so. I thought it deserved some explanation, so here goes. Colors   I purposely use the bright colors to distinguish the different elements, along with the exact space each element takes up, and how each element lines up. This is especially helpful for labels.   This is purely to assist with the design of the form in Clarify's User Interface Editor. These colors are not displayed at runtime in the Clarify Client.   For example, here's the same form, with the same controls, but without the colors. Notice that its hard to tell what's what, and how much space each control takes up.   With everything colored, I can…

When Clarify grids go bad

July 18, 2008 For the most part, Clarify is pretty easy to customize. Occasionally, you run into Clarify forms that just don't behave as you would expect. In particular, the "old" Clarify forms, that were all written in C, long before ClearBasic was considered - those can be problematic. ClearLogistics forms are also typically problematic - the initial ClearLogistics development team seemed to have their own way of doing things back then.   We recently assisted a customer with such an issue, and I'm sharing it here so hopefully it may help others in a similar situation. Customizing the "Select Inventory Parts" form   The requirement at hand was to exclude inventory parts from a certain inventory location when selecting inventory parts - specifically, on Form 519 (Select Inventory Parts).   Here's the form, showing all inventory parts:   Lets say that we…

App.ShowSolution in ClearBasic

July 7, 2008 I'm sure most of the ClearBasic brainiacs already know this (and I may have at one point), but the parameter to App.ShowSolution is a record of type "workaround", not a record of type "probdesc". I probably knew this at one time, but its been a long time since I've done ClearBasic coding. I'm blogging this so that I can find it again in the future, with Google's help, of course.   If you call App.ShowSolution with a probdesc record, you get this ever-so-helpful pile of joy: Cannot map specific relation (type 1 with relation -3). Uh, yeah. Thanks. No, really. That was a helpful message. I'm in awe of your ability to render something so utterly useless. Freakin' programmers.   Working code example: Sub ShowObject(objectType As String, idNumber As String)     If objectType = "solution" Then objectType = "probdesc"    …

Encode URLs with ClearBasic

June 23, 2008 At Dovetail one of the things we sell is Clarify Helpdesk support. This means that customers having problems with Clarify Client can get support when they run into issues. We had an interesting case recently that I thought would be good to share with the community.   Under the hood Clarify Client uses a variant of Visual Basic called ClearBasic which makes the behavior of their windows application customizable via scriptability. Using ClearBasic, Clarify developers can modify the script used behind any of the forms in the Clarify Client application. We have a customer that is integrating one of their Clarify Client forms with another enterprise application using HTTP GET Requests. They ran into a problem with GET requests getting truncated when special characters were present in the request URL. When constructing HTTP GET requests parameters you should UrlEncode the value of each parameter.…

Useful ADP routines

July 10, 2007 A set of useful ClearBasic routines that will read and return data from the ADP tables:1) Clarify schema revision2) Table name from number3) Table number from name4) Is a number a table or a view5) Get target table from relation6) All fields for a table7) All relations for a table SirkinDovetail Software(512) 418-2905 x101marty@dovetailsoftware.com

Useful scripts

A variety of useful scripts for Clarify:1) Convert newer versions of form files to older versions of Clarify.2) Get and print out a user-defined list3) Strip privclass header from form files4) UI Editor file for ClearBasic SirkinDovetail Software(512) 418-2905 x101marty@dovetailsoftware.com
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