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Clarify Infrastructure Upgrades Continue to Grow in Popularity

January 20, 2015 It’s only natural that legacy Clarify deployments are often supported by outdated or soon to be outdated versions of operating systems and databases.  More and more we’re contacted by clients exhibiting a slight tone of panic in their voices because the database and/or operating system their Clarify CRM software is residing on is soon to be unsupported, leaving them with more questions than answers.  Will our customizations break?  Will our event rules still fire properly?  Will our Outlook version interact properly with legacy Clarify tools after an upgrade?  What the heck are we going to do if something mission critical breaks?  What if our auto-generated customer emails cease to work?  Can you even imagine the increased workload to our support center staff if they have to individually email a follow up to each customer?   Have we waited too long…