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Task Manager trick: Properties with static text and a case property

June 17, 2016 With Dovetail Task Manager, a Task will define the properties that get set when the task is executed. Set a Property to a Static Text ValueFor example, I can have a task that creates a subcase, and I can set it up so that the subcase title will be set to Do something awesome!The task property setup would look like:So when the subcase is created, its title will be Do something awesome! Set a Property to the Same Value as a Case PropertyAlternatively, instead of setting a property to a static text value, we can set it to be the same as a case property.For example, we can set the subcase title to be the same as the case title, as shown here:So when the subcase is created, its title will be the same as whatever the case title is. Dynamic Property NotationWhen…