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Understanding Change Request Workflows and Transitions

September 12, 2016 Dovetail Agent includes support for Change Requests.  Recall that a change request is a task you create in response to a reported software bug, hardware defect, or enhancement request. As Change Requests are worked, they follow a workflow process. We use Statuses and Transitions to define the process, and define who can move the Change Request through its workflow steps. Technically, Cases also support a workflow and defined transition. It’s just a very simple one. We can use Cases as a simple example before moving on to the more robust workflow options with Change Requests.   Case Workflows Cases have just 2 conditions: Open, and Closed. A case can move from Open to Closed, and from Closed to Open. Within each of those conditions, there are also a set of allowable statuses. For example: Open status options may be: Researching,…