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Automatically routing cases using Dovetail Carrier’s AutoDest Toolkit Extension

August 15, 2018 Dovetail Carrier has a number of extensions that greatly enhance your Dovetail/Clarify system. One of the more recent extensions is the AutoDest Toolkit Extension.   AutoDest Toolkit Extension This extension allows for automatically assigning or dispatching workflow objects based on an auto-destination rules. Typically, these messages will originate from Dovetail Rulemanager (such as from a business rule action), although they can also originate from custom applications as well. Example Message type=CallToolkit toolkit=AutoDest method=execute ObjectType=case Operation=DISPATCH Id=12345 This example would evaluate the DISPATCH auto-destination rule for case 12345, and if a destination queue is found, the case would be dispatched to that queue. Auto-Dest Rule Here's an example of an auto-destination rule: (calltype2gbst_elm:title = "Equipment Repair") -> "Equipment Repair"; (calltype2gbst_elm:title contains "Payroll" ) -> "Payroll"; (calltype2gbst_elm:title contains "Benefits" ) -> "Benefits"; (title contains "Benefits" ) -> "Benefits"; objid > 0 -> "Support…

Simplify and Reduce your Auto-Destination Rules using printf

September 13, 2016 Photo by @benchaccounting   When setting up your auto-destination rules, it’s easy to end up with rule bloat, sometimes due to no fault of your own. Due to business requirements, you may end with a lot of rules, which end up making it difficult to manage all of them. For example, we may have auto-dest (routing) rules that dispatch a case to a queue based on its case type and the country of the reporting site/contact. If the contact is in the USA, and it’s a Payroll case, send it to the USA_Payroll queue. If the contact is in the USA, and it’s a Benefits case, send it to the USA_Benefits queue. If the contact is in France, and it’s a Payroll case, send it to the France_Payroll queue. If the contact is in France, and it’s a Benefits case,…

Testing Auto-Destination Rules?

November 27, 2007 Has anyone written a tool to test auto-destination rules?In the past, I've created a rule, imported it with dataex, and then had to manually create a workflow object (such as a case) that met the auto-dest criteria, and see if it worked in the clarify client.Then I would have to repeat for each branch of the rule.I've been thinking about some sort of testing tool to be able to do this, but wanted to see if anyone had already done something like this before.So, anyone?Thanks! 

APIs for Clarify

Static image October 23, 2007 When does it make sense to write a routine from scratch, versus using a proven API that has all the testing done? The answer comes down to time and cost of course, a different equation in each case.   A recent dialog in the ITtoolbox Clarify forum illustrates the dimension of the issue. A user asked for advice on Clarify’s Assign Case functionality, and he was hoping to find some reusable code already existing.   “The objective is: When a case is getting created with a specific information (Keyword) in a user defined field (in one of the tabs), the case needs to be automatically assigned to a specific user.” – Clarify Assign Case functionality   The auto destination rules in Clarify will make this assignment, but it requires studying the documentation – a non-trivial task in itself – to finesse the methodology.…