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Automatically routing cases using Dovetail Carrier’s AutoDest Toolkit Extension

August 15, 2018 Dovetail Carrier has a number of extensions that greatly enhance your Dovetail/Clarify system. One of the more recent extensions is the AutoDest Toolkit Extension.   AutoDest Toolkit Extension This extension allows for automatically assigning or dispatching workflow objects based on an auto-destination rules. Typically, these messages will originate from Dovetail Rulemanager (such as from a business rule action), although they can also originate from custom applications as well. Example Message type=CallToolkit toolkit=AutoDest method=execute ObjectType=case Operation=DISPATCH Id=12345 This example would evaluate the DISPATCH auto-destination rule for case 12345, and if a destination queue is found, the case would be dispatched to that queue. Auto-Dest Rule Here's an example of an auto-destination rule: (calltype2gbst_elm:title = "Equipment Repair") -> "Equipment Repair"; (calltype2gbst_elm:title contains "Payroll" ) -> "Payroll"; (calltype2gbst_elm:title contains "Benefits" ) -> "Benefits"; (title contains "Benefits" ) -> "Benefits"; objid > 0 -> "Support…