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Transform a Pseudo Relation into an Exclusive Relation

October 18, 2011 Recently I had the need to use a pseudo relation as part of a path evaluation (i.e. as part of a business rule path). But, the path evaluator can’t do this, because it’s not a “real” relation in the Clarify/Dovetail schema. Pseudo Relations   I covered pseudo relations in my recent Schema 201 webinar, but lets give a quick review.   A pseudo relation is a sort of schema hack that implements a relation using two fields. One field holds the type_id of the object that we want to relate to, and one field holds the objid of the object. These pseudo relations were a bit of a data modeling hack, before exclusive relations.   Pseudo relations are nice, because we don’t have to create a new physical column for a relation, and we can relate to any other object in…

Useful ADP routines

July 10, 2007 A set of useful ClearBasic routines that will read and return data from the ADP tables:1) Clarify schema revision2) Table name from number3) Table number from name4) Is a number a table or a view5) Get target table from relation6) All fields for a table7) All relations for a table SirkinDovetail Software(512) 418-2905 x101marty@dovetailsoftware.com