What’s New in Dovetail Agent 19

We recently released Dovetail Agent version 19. Here’s a run-down of the highlights.

Download Search Results

Users have always been able to download the results of a query, but now they can also download the results of a search as well – in either Excel or CSV format.

Download Search Results

The output columns when downloading search results will be the same output columns as when a query result is downloaded, and are easily configurable using a filter.config file. So it’s easy to add or remove additional columns, and that change will automatically apply to both query and search results.

Search Results – Excel format


Download Limits

A new configuration setting (DownloadMaxRowCount) defines the maximum number of items that can be downloaded, from either a query result or a search result. This helps prevent users from trying to download the entire database – something that will make your DBAs happy!


My Calendar

Action Items are now included in the user’s calendar (based on the Due Date of the Action Item).

My Calendar

Now user’s can easily see all the items that are due soon – including:

  • Action Items
  • Subcases
  • Commitments

Solution Enhancements

We’ve enhanced solutions to go along with the improvements made in Dovetail Selfservice 3.

Solution Type

Solutions now include a Solution Type drop-down, allowing for better categorization and taxonomy, as well as for defining Selfservice Custom Content pages.

Solution Type

Solution Ratings

Display individual and overall average ratings for solutions.

Solution Ratings

Hide comments

Allow for setting the “Internal” flag on a Solution comment, allowing it to be hidden (marked as Internal) within the Dovetail SelfService application.

Toggle Internal/Public flag on a solution comment


For any activities that are performed while a user is being impersonated, the impersonator information is now included in the case history.

Note logged during impersonation


We’ve made a bunch of improvements within the Admin section of the app as well.


Broadcasts on the Manage Broadcasts page now include an Active/Inactive badge for each broadcast, making it easy to see at a glance which ones are in play.



Business Rules

The Manage Business Rules page now shows business rules in a paged format, as opposed to showing all rules on one page. This is especially helpful for those implementations with hundreds of rules.

Manage Business Rules


Business Rule – History

Business Rules now include a History tab, which tracks activities (create, edit, add, delete) on a business rule. We tend to track everything that happens on work items (cases, subcases, action items, etc.) – but not typically on our admin entities. So we’ve added this history tracking for business rules, and we’re planning on adding history tracking for more admin items in the near future.

Business Rule History


Business Rule Conditions

Admins can now edit a condition. In the past, the condition would need to be removed and then re-added. This is especially helpful when a condition has a complicated value.

We’ve also added support for the “is not in” operator for business rule conditions.

Business Rule Conditions


Privilege Class

The priv class page now allows for filtering to view only enabled privileges.

Privilege Class – Show only Enabled Privileges

Print Pages

Improved the print pages for all workflow items (Case, Subcase, Solution, Part Request, Change Request, Action Item). These are now separate pages, allowing for better formatting and greater customizability.

Print Case



There’s a bunch of cool stuff in this release – and many of these items were enhancements submitted directly by customers.

There’s also a number of minor changes, assorted bug fixes, and some changes that are specific to developers.

For a complete list of enhancements and fixes, refer to the What’s New section in the Agent 19 documentation.

If you want to learn more, or want to see a demo of Agent in action – just drop me a line or give me a call – I’m always happy to show off our applications!