Free Product Spotlight: ROOM (Recently Opened Object Monitor)

Continuing on with my series highlighting some of the free products we’ve recently made available, today I wanted to give an overview of ROOM.  (You can also view the 1st entry in the series: EMU)

ROOM is the Recently Opened Object Monitor for the Clarify Classic Client.

It is often the case that Clarify users open up objects, close them, and then want to re-open them easily and quickly. Suppose, for example, that a case is found by executing a case query. After the case is closed, the user realizes that they need to look at the case again. If they don’t remember the case number, they have to execute the query again to find the case.

Many programs provide a mechanism to retrieve recently opened objects. For example, in MS Word, you can find recently opened documents via the File menu. The ROOM utility provides similar functionality for Clarify.

ROOM allows users to view up to 100 recently opened objects. Objects that can be stored and reopened from the GUI are Case, Subcase, Quote, Contract, Opportunity, Site, Contact, Part, Site Part, Solution, Change Request, Part Request, Part Number, and Action Item. Users can choose which objects ROOM remembers. Re-opening any recently opened object is easy. Just double click on it in the ROOM form, and it will be opened.


ROOM also remembers objects between Clarify sessions. If you have a set of recently opened objects, and leave Clarify, they will be available for you when you restart Clarify.

What about ROOM for the Dovetail web client?

DovetailAgent, our web client for Clarify, has ROOM built right in. No add-ons or plug-in necessary.


Get it!

ROOM is a free product. You can get the documentation and download the product from the Dovetail Support Center.