Upcoming product release: Dovetail RuleManager 1.1

We’re currently working on version 1.1 of RuleManager. This version was fueled by customer requests, and should be available very soon.  

Here’s what’s coming in version 1.1:

  • RuleManager can now include attachments for emails initiated via a LogEmail action, which are typically made from within fcClient or the Clarify Client. The application taking that action, such as fcClient or the Clarify Client, is responsible for relating the LogEmail (table_email_log) to the attachment(s) (table_doc_inst). Because RuleManager will only attach files that it has access to, we recommend that the path to the attachment is a UNC path such as "\serverpathfile.ext". If RuleManager cannot access an attachment, the email will still be sent without the attachment. RuleManager will log an error when this situation occurs.
  • The working directory of RuleManager is now the directory where RuleManager is installed. This is relevant when having business rules that execute command line processes. As of this version, command line processes will be executed from the RuleManager directory, which by default is "C:Program FilesFirst Choice SoftwareRule Manager". Previous versions used the "c:windowssystem32" directory as its working directory, which is the default for Windows services.
  • As of this version, saving fcSDK cache information to files has been disabled. This will cause a slight increase in startup time, but will reduce common cache-related issues and tasks (such as having to find and delete cache files). Note that common cache information is still cached in memory for optimum performance. If for some reason, you really want cached data saved to a file, simply modify the RuleManager configuration file, and set the fchoice.nocachefile configuration entry to false.