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Marek Pawelczyk
May 3, 2013

New versions of Dovetail Agent and Admin are in the works to allow compatibility with Internet Explorer versions 9 and 10.
Although there are going to be more reasons to upgrade to the latest version, some Dovetail Agent and Admin users may consider making the older versions they currently use IE9 or IE10 compatible while remaining existing compatibility with IE8 intact. Essentially, the same code should run on all three versions of Internet Explorer, no version detection should be required to modify functionality or appearance.

This can be achieved by a set of modifications to the source code and web site configuration.

This is a list of things that need to change:

Marek Pawelczyk
March 12, 2012

There may be a need to extract all the ClearBasic code for entire project at once.

If the project consists of only a few modules, one would use CBEX tool in interactive mode, select the modules from the list, specify the destinations, and export.

But if a project involves very many modules, this method becomes burdensome – CBEX does not have a ‘select all’ capability.

One way to make one’s life easier is to use a tool developed by Dovetail Software, as explained in this article by Gary Sherman.

Another method is to generate a CBEX directive file and then use CBEX in batch mode to export all the code.

The process of generating the directive file is exactly what is burdensome in

Marek Pawelczyk
June 10, 2011

Long-time ClarifyCRM users begin to face a problem: how to migrate their ClarifyCRM suite to modern, 64-bit operating system. They have no intentions and needs to upgrade Clarify itself, but their corporate policies force them to decommission Windows NT/2000 servers.

Dovetail Software took on the task to verify whether the following software suite would install and work on 64-bit version of MS Windows Server 2008 and MS SQL 2008:

Clarify Classic Applications 11.1 Clarify Rule Manager 11.1 CBO JDK 1.2 java 1.4.0_01 Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.4.0_01-b03) BEA WebLogic Server 5.1 SP9 Clarify eSupport 10.1 Fulcrum/Hummingbird FTS 5.0 An Attempt at 64-bit

After installing MS SQL 2008, a Clarify database was backed-up on Windows 2000 server and restored on the new 2008 one without problems – no surprise here.

There have been numerous problems, however, with

Marek Pawelczyk
November 18, 2008

Long time ClarifyCRM users may have a number of traditional Clarify queries accumulated over time. After such a business acquires Dovetail Software CRM products for Clarify database, it becomes one of the migration issues: how to reuse Clarify queries in the new thin client.


Dovetail Software Agent has no built-in support for Clarify queries, and for a good reason. fcQuery is far superior to traditional Clarify query model and all the users are highly encouraged to abandon Clarify queries in favor of fcQueries. If the business no longer uses Clarify Classic Client, migration is a must.


Until the release of Dovetail Agent v.4.2. the only way to move a Clarify query to fcQuery was to recreate it manually.


The new Dovetail Query Converter makes migration of Clarify queries into fcQueries very easy.

Clarify Query vs. fcQuery

These are the

Marek Pawelczyk

Dovetail Agent v.4.1 has been expanded to include two tools to merge duplicate sites and contacts.

Before Dovetail Agent v.4.1, this functionality was available as Clarify Classic Client extension known as fcMerge, which is still available as a separate product. While fcMerge is also capable of handling duplicate address, part, and employee records, Dovetail Agent version of the tool concentrates on sites and contacts only, as these are the most likely ones in need of merging. The new tools do not use any Clarify technology. No more Clarify form customizations are required.

I’d like to use this opportunity to stress out the importance of having contact and site duplicates eliminated from the business process.

Why is this important ?

Due to spelling errors made by Call Center agents or automated feeds, there may be a situation when one contact or

Marek Pawelczyk
August 20, 2008

The 4.0 Release of Dovetail Agent brings support for parent-child relationship among support cases to the users.

Having a functionality available to designate one support case as parent of other cases may play important role in the way your customer support responds to a situation when a large number of cases report the same problem, but in many different ways.

Let’s consider an example of a communication company with a range of services usually bundled to include: Internet access, VOIP, and cable TV. When a local hub goes down, customers start reporting problems with symptoms like: ‘my phone line is dead’, ‘can’t watch the news’, ‘my e-mail is not working’, etc. These are some examples of case titles, which at first may not suggest that all these cases have much in common. Once a root cause if found, all these

Marek Pawelczyk
August 19, 2008



Long-time ClarifyCRM users may find themselves in a situation driven by their business international expansion which calls for ability to handle client data in languages other than English and character set other than ASCII. If the database was not originally planed to store non-ASCII data, it needs to be ‘converted’ to be able to use Unicode.


The conversion may involve entire database, or only selected columns, depending on the needs.


Once the decision is made to store Unicode characters in existing non-Unicode Clarify database, there are several conversion scenarios to consider, depending on:

database system: MS SQL or Oracle whether all the information stored must be in Unicode or only selected data items.


Dovetail Software, Inc. researched four scenarios how to make a database which was not originally intended to store Unicode data capable

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