Dovetail Support

Dovetail’s approach to 3rd party support for legacy Amdocs / Clarify environments goes far beyond timely, helpful responses to support tickets. We view the role of support as not only providing risk aversion, but productively extending the life of your stable, powerful Clarify investment.

Our 3rd party Clarify support is accompanied by the mindset of delivering real value and hard savings. When customers switch to Dovetail, it’s typical for them to immediately experience significant savings on prior Clarify support costs. Additionally, we assign our customers individual account managers who sit down with their Clarify teams and learn the specifics of each deployment. We take it a step further by supporting their custom Clarify code.

You can expect fast, reliable answers to questions and concerns from some of the most seasoned Clarify engineers in the business who have already familiarized themselves with your specific environment. Finally, you can expect proactive best practice suggestions for added efficiency and functionality. Simply put, you will quickly notice why our valued customers continually rank us so high in customer service.

Clarify Helpdesk

Dovetail’s Clarify Helpdesk delivers fast, responsive, and highly skilled third-party support for Clarify, usually at a fraction of the cost for normal support. Additionally, Dovetail supports any Clarify version and will never require upgrades to stay supported.