What’s New in Dovetail Agent 4.5 : Part 3

We’re continuing on with highlighting some of what’s New in Dovetail Agent 4.5. Part 1. Part 2.

Multiple phone numbers and email addresses for contacts

I’ve posted in the past about multiple email addresses for a contact, and how we have existing schema for this within Clarify, but we needed the UI to support this.

Dovetail Agent now provides this UI.

Contacts can now have unlimited phone numbers and email addresses. There is a new Phone/Email tab used to manage the phone numbers and email addresses for a contact.


In addition, all of the additions/changes/deletes of these email and phone numbers are tracked in the activity log:


Link Solutions to Closed Cases

A common workflow we see here is:

1. A case is opened for a customer
2. We work with the customer to figure out a resolution to the issue
3. Customer uses SelfService to indicate that the resolution solved the issue, and the customer closes the case (and you know how much I love when a customer closes their own case)

Now that we know that the resolution we provided did indeed solve the problem, we can create a solution, so this knowledge can be reused, should the same issue arise in the future.

4. Create a new solution

So we’ve created a solution, but we can’t link the solution to the case because the case is closed.

So, we:

5. Reopen the case
6. Link the case to the solution
7. Close the case again

In general, once a case is closed, there shouldn’t be any more changes made to it.

But, it seems kind of silly to have to reopen a case, just to link it, so then you can just close it again.

Now you can link a solution to a closed case.

The solution form looks the same – the Link this Solution to a Case button is still there:


which opens a lightbox with the list of your open cases.

We’ve added a new checkbox, which allows you to include my recently closed cases:


clicking that checkbox now includes your recently closed (but not yet linked) cases:


and there’s an icon there as well that indicates that it’s a closed case:


So now you can link a solution to one (or more) of your closed cases.

64-bit Support

Dovetail Agent can now be run in 64-bit mode.

Note that this requires the 64-bit version of Dovetail SDK (version 3.0 or higher).

For more info, refer to a previous post: SDK based web apps in a 64-bit environment

A Better Attachment Upload Component

We’ve updated the component that we use for uploading of file attachments. It supports both 32 and 64 bit systems. This is also a more actively developed component, and it includes better memory management than the previous component.


OK, so that’s a wrap on the Dovetail Agent 4.5 changes that I wanted to cover. There’s also a bunch of minor changes and bug fixes that have been completed, but nothing exciting enough that I want to cover here.  More details are in the Dovetail Agent documentation.

If you need more info, or would like a demonstration of any of these features (or heck, of any of out stuff), feel free to contact me.