Webinar: Clarify / Dovetail Schema 101

In this complimentary webinar, I’ll be covering the basics of your Clarify/Dovetail schema.

This will be a good overview for those who are new to a Clarify/Dovetail system, and a good refresher for those who have been around for a while.


  • Schema and database concepts
  • Viewing your schema
  • Editing your schema
  • Schema tools
  • A walkthrough of customizing your schema using SchemaScript
  • Assorted tips and tricks for working with your schema


Thursday, May 17, 2011 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM (Central Time)


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Schema 201

Interested in a more advanced session? I’m considering doing a Schema 201 session, including items such as SQL Views, Database Flags, Change Fields, Pseudo Relations, MTM tables, ADP in more detail, etc.

If this is something you’re interested in – please let me know! I’ll probably only do this if there’s enough interest up front.

You can leave a comment here, or drop me an email at