Gary Sherman
August 22, 2017

We recently released a major update to the Dovetail SelfService app. There’s SO many great new capabilities here.

I would group these enhancements into 2 major categories:

Dynamic Content, Pages, and Menus – making it easy to create and edit content throughout the app Knowledgebase Enhancements – making the knowledgebase much more prevalent, approachable, and functional


Lets take a run through the highlights of this release. 


Dynamic Home Page Content

When a user logs into SelfService, they’re immediately taken to the Home page.

In the past, if you wanted to change what was displayed on the home page, you would need to customize the HTML page content, and re-deploy the application.

Now, the home page content comes from a solution. So you can easily edit the solution using Dovetail Agent, and

Gary Sherman
February 12, 2015

One of the common complaints with knowledgebase articles (solutions) in Clarify was the fact that they are plain text – even on the web.

We’ve recently enhanced solutions so that they are much more robust and useful.

Solutions can now contain rich text, images, and videos.


This functionality is supported within Dovetail Agent and in Dovetail SelfService.

Dovetail Agent:


Dovetail SelfService:



Here’s a few examples of solutions from our knowledgebase: Rich Text

Solutions now support rich text, including:

Headers (heading 1 –> heading 6) Italic Bold Superscript Subscript Highlighted text Strikethrough Unordered Lists Ordered Lists HTML

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