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Rayanne Thorn
April 10, 2017

“Modernize Your Clarify Experience”

For years, we have been helping Amdocs Clarify customers / users update or modernize their Clarify experience, which in turn updates the experience of their own customers. We think it’s important enough to keep at it. We want to improve your experience and that of your customer.

We have a total system approach to modernizing Clarify that addresses all aspects of the system from the user experience and its customization framework to the back-end server applications and security.

Believe it our not, we make it possible to completely overhaul the system. Or we can simply solve just one or two particular issues. Dovetail allows you to infuse modern technologies to breathe new life into your Clarify system through expanded methods of deployment, increased functionality, simplified customization and administration, and lower costs.

With Dovetail, you can literally make

Kent Valentine
July 25, 2016

Task Manager for Clarify

I decided to write this to help me get my head around the business end of our new Task Manager product for Clarify. Gary Sherman has put together several posts recently:

Dovetail Task Manager IntroductionCreating Custom Tasks for Dovetail Task ManagerTask Manager Trick: Properties with Static Text & a Case Property

Each of these posts does a great job explaining the technical merits of Dovetail Task Manager, but I felt like I needed to run through some more real-life scenarios to fully understand it. Hopefully, you will find some value here too.

The Ease of Task Manager

It turns out, it’s not really that hard to understand. If you have a business process with multiple activities that could be handled independently of one another, Task Manager makes it easy to set up and maintain. If you have several

David Greyson
July 5, 2016

Clarify Support

Many organizations who utilize Amdocs Clarify or Dovetail CRM also employ field based specialists to support everyone and everything from end customers, smaller satellite offices, clinics, retail store fronts, to various campuses or colleges associated with a larger, central university perhaps. They could be IT technicians, seasonal staff, lab support, just about any type of field deployed employee.

When the deployment of field personnel reaches a point of needing to be managed on a sizeable scale, technology typically comes into play. There are more than a few providers offering this type of technology, but is the use of these specialty offerings simultaneously creating a rash of ROI killing effort on the backend? Is it tied directly into the CRM where you’re already managing cases and tracking work and workflow? If not, is this causing disparate cross-functional reporting and/or increasing reporting

Gary Sherman
June 29, 2016

We recently released Dovetail Agent version 11. Here’s a quick rundown of the major changes.


Dovetail Agent 11


Canned Responses

Canned responses are re-usable text snippets that you can use when logging emails or notes. Canned responses can save you time if you’re often typing similar responses. Users can create personal canned responses, and can also share canned responses to workgroups, or to everyone.

They can include dynamic properties, such as the Case Title, Status, or Customer information.  Markdown is supported as well, meaning these canned responses can contain rich text, tables, images, hyperlinks, etc.

 Example: Salutation and Signature



Example: Images and Links


Kent Valentine
June 28, 2016

A Great CRM Platform

This blog entry is for all the stakeholders who rely on or must support Amdocs Clarify systems. If you are like most, you have probably spent years searching for a better way forward than the one Amdocs offers. Years…because it’s a tough application to replace.

In its day, as we all know, Clarify was a great CRM platform for a variety of business types because it was so versatile. But the technology is old and with every year that passes, it becomes harder to find people with the skills needed to keep it in good shape. This unfortunate situation usually leads to an insidious decline in utility and reliability until a breaking point is reached; a tiger team checks out options which yields nothing palatable; more struggles, higher overhead, worsened utility until another breaking point is reached (even

Stephen Lynn
September 11, 2015

Customer Service in Your Selection of Software Vendors

I was reading Naomi Bloom’s blog post, “In Enterprise Software and Luxury Accommodations, Details Matter and No Disappointment Accepted” and it got me thinking.  While Naomi is referencing HR software, her points apply to all Enterprise Software and she makes a really good comparison, yet I will add another element, Customer Service. Things will happen, whether at the luxury accommodations or with your Enterprise Software. The key question becomes what does the establishment/vendor do when there is a problem? That will probably be what you remember more than the actual problem.

Addressing Enterprise Software

It is inevitable that there will be problems during implementation. Any software vendor who tells you they never have problems is lying to you. Expectation differences, communication gaps, the customer environment is slightly

Gary Sherman
June 30, 2015

When we have to insert, update, or delete data, DIET (Dovetail ArchiveManager) is often the tool of choice.

Updating an object

Typically, when we want to update some data, we just need to define its uniqueness properly.

For example, if I wanted to update a business rule property name,  I could define its uniqueness as a combination of its object type + name.

For example:

If I used DIET to import this file, and this prop_name  record didn’t exist in the database, then it would do an INSERT, which would create this prop_name record.

If I used DIET to import this file, and this prop_name record did exist in the database, then it would do an UPDATE, which would update the existing prop_name record. This would allow me to update the path or max length of that rule

Gary Sherman
April 10, 2012

I’ve been doing a little Clarify Classic Client development lately, and I’ve found I’ve been using hyperlinks more and more as elements on forms as opposed to buttons.

A common usage of hyperlinks is to open URLs, such as a site’s website. But we can also use them to invoke other actions.

Here’s a form that has a few different hyperlinks in action:

case with hyperlinks

There are 4 hyperlinks in play on this form

2 Open Subcases (opens the Subcase List form, showing the list of subcases for this case) ? (Opens a message box with help text, detailing the Case Title information) Copy Case ID to Clipboard (um, copies the case id number to to the clipboard) Expand (Opens the case history

Gary Sherman
November 14, 2011

I recently had to do some modifications to the attachment form in Clarify (form 1006). This is one of those old-school forms that doesn’t always behave very well with ClearBasic. This post captures a few of my findings and learnings.

FILELIST Double-Click


One of the things I wanted to do was to intercept the double-click action on the FILELIST control, which happens when a user double-clicks a file to Open it.


Plan A: some simple Clearbasic code

Sub FILELIST_DblClick()
If FileValidation = True Then
App.MsgBox “Not authorized”
End If
End Sub


Looks simple right? But it doesn’t work. Even if the Me.DoDefault code isn’t ever called, the file is still opened. So if the validation failed, the user would get the message box saying “Not authorized”,  and then the

Gary Sherman
November 11, 2011


One of my annoyances within the Clarify Classic Client has always been the case history.



Its just one giant text blob. You have no control over the formatting. Its in chronological order. Sometimes this is OK, but typically you have to scroll to the bottom to read the most recent activity. You don’t have control over the timestamp format (DD/MM/YY vs. MM/DD/YY, as an example). The timezone of the timestamp isn’t clear. It isn’t easy to hide/remove certain entries. Its limited to 32K. etc…


I’ve posted in the past about the challenges of the case history, as well as how we’ve improved this within DovetailAgent.


In a recent discussion with a customer, their end users were complaining about the case history. Since they’re not yet ready to move to a Dovetail web app (Agent

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