Examples of Help Desk Support Cases

Contracted Support Agreements

Customer ran out of objids for the act_entry table (production down scenario ­ unable to create new cases or activities)

Dovetail provided guidance on how to deal with this issue.


How to customize the Customizing Select Parts form to prevent any part in location 15300 from being displayed and select­able on this form

Dovetail provided custom ClearBasic code that performed the requested enhancement.


Issue dealing with special characters when passing data to an external URL from the Clarify Client

Dovetail provided custom ClearBasic code to encode the URL.


Need to understand the data schema for Action Type from Table_Email_Log, Table_Notes_Log or Table_Phone_Log

Dovetail provided details about the schema, and user­defined lists


Rulemanager not running the dispatch_dialog.cbs script which routes dialogs to specific queues

Dovetail diagnosed issues, and script resumed working again.


Link Case button always active.

We can link a solution multiple times to a single case. I can press the Select Soln button, bring up the previously linked solution, click Link Case again, and the activity is logged as a new link. And then do the same again.

Dovetail determined it to be a bug in the Clarify client, and provided custom CB code to workaround the bug.


Performance problems with custom interface code

Dovetail assisted with pinpointing slow code/queries, and worked with customer to do some code changes and database tuning, resulting in significant performance improvements.


After upgrade, some wipbin columns are blank when they shouldn’t be

Dovetail worked with customer to perform necessary schema changes and customizations necessary to resolve issue.


After upgrade to 13.1, text fields are not highlighted when tabbed into on the Account form

Dovetail provided code to workaround the baseline Clarify bug.


Database examples

Custom Oracle trigger throwing error

Dovetail worked with customer to troubleshoot PL/SQL issues, and suggested code workarounds


Error = ORA­02289: sequence does not exist
Dovetail worked with customer to troubleshoot database level permission issues and suggested proper grants


Orphaned records in table_transition
Dovetail diagnosed, and provided SQL code to resolve orphaned data


Resolutions provided to the community ­ (no support contract involved)

How to customize the Log Email Subject Line

Amdocs’ tech support said it would require an enhancement ($$$) of their doing. Dovetail provided workarounds for both MAPI and non­MAPI email scenarios.


How to auto close part request headers that have no part request details

Customer: “When I posed the question to Amdocs, I got that it was too complicated to do this.” Dovetail provided detailed scenario and SQL script that solved the problem.

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