Shaking Up our Product Line with Dovetail Agent 5

Dovetail’s project to completely revamp and modernize our line of web clients for Clarify is starting to yield great results. Agent 5 is here! And it has been completely redesigned with an entirely new user interface (UI) that offers users an experience that is simpler, more usable and more enjoyable, yet still familiar.


The focus on usability means fewer steps to complete a task, fewer clicks to get to the data you need, and less time spent navigating through windows when working cases.


Agent 5 is quite literally a new experience. A few enhancements that you’ll notice immediately are:


  • Multi-browser Compatibility: Agent 5 works using Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.
  • Speed: Agent 5 is noticeably faster than Clarify and other versions of Agent. This is due in part to newer technology, optimizations during building, and less windows.
  • Socialization: The use of photo avatars and a UI design similar to social applications, such as Facebook or Gmail, humanizes the application and creates a more personal experience for users.


As you can see in the screenshot below, Agent 5 features a simpler, cleaner UI with more visual cues designed to draw your eye to the most important information. Additionally, pop-up windows have been eliminated – case history, flashes and other important information are now in context.




To improve user organization, Agent 5 has introduced the concept of tags. Users can tag workflow items with multiple tags, making categorization and search much faster and easier.


Tags with red


Search functionality in Agent 5 is also a dramatic improvement. Instead of using queries, users can simply run Google-like text searches to quickly find answers, contacts, case information and more. Search is now an integral part of users’ workflows, auto-populating results as they begin typing in case fields. As shown below, other cool Search functionality includes:


  • Better Context in Search Results: For example, for cases, results show whether it’s open or closed, the customer info, and last update time.
  • Recent Search Autosave: Your most recent searches are shown on the search page – great for when you’re working through complex searches.
  • Integrated Search Tips: How to use operators, wildcards, date ranges, special characters, as well as all of the properties available to search for on each object.
  • Ability to Favorite a Search: A simple star button allows users to favorite a search, giving them the ability to save and recall it quickly.



These are just a few of the highlights in Agent 5. Our team and customers, who have implemented it, are really pleased with the results.  And we think you will be too.  Give us a call to arrange a demo. You can also read more about it on our product page.



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