Dovetail Agent Features
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Home Page

The Dovetail Agent home page is information central

  • Quick access to My Work, Queries, Searches, My Calendar and Recent Items
  • The Navigation Sidebar and Preview Pane are there when you want them, and can be hidden away with just a click – allowing users to focus on what they want to focus on
  • Keyboard shortcuts throughout the app allow users to work more efficiently
  • Batch actions make it easy to perform the same action on multiple items – such as assigning, dispatching or logging a note
  • Columns can be sorted, reordered or hidden on an individual user base.




Dovetail Agent provides deep case functionality but is designed to eliminate unnecessary clutter, reduce eye strain, and increase efficiency. The case history has been greatly enhanced to include inline images and richly formatted text, a user preference for ordering (chronological or reverse-chronological), and more details for each history item. In addition, the history updates automatically with any newly added items while a user is viewing the page.

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Dovetail makes your knowledgebase come to life. Solutions now support richly formatted text, images and videos allowing the creation of more effective and contemporary knowledge articles.

And of course, solutions still allow workflow operations (such as dispatch and assign), file attachments, as well as linking and unlinking from cases.

Learn more about how Dovetail uses rich text, images and videos convey knowledge much more effectively than just text




Users instantly recognize the familiar search box, which makes it easy to find whatever you’re looking for in your system. Search for data within the database (such as customers, case history and the knowledgebase), file attachments and external documents (such as documentation, technical bulletins and whitepapers).


Learn more about the powerful search capabilities within Dovetail




Dovetail Agent includes powerful querying capabilities, making it easy to build queries that quickly return the data you want. Queries can be shared amongst users, and query results can be downloaded to CSV or Excel file formats. All data is paged, ensuring results are returned quickly, and preventing large queries from affecting other users.


Learn more about the querying capabilities within Dovetail



Reporting and Dashboards

  • A wide variety of charts and graph options are available
  • Report output formats include PDF, Excel, HTML and CSV
  • Reports can be scheduled for automatic emailing
  • Dashboards make it easy to stay on top of what’s happening in your environment


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