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Gary Sherman
November 13, 2015

This week we released Dovetail Agent version 8. Here’s a quick rundown of the major changes.

Rich Text in Logs

Agent now support rich text (using Markdown) on case/subcase logs (email, notes, research) and commitments.

For example, creating a richly formatted Log Email:



And the received email looks like:


  Convert Markdown to HTML for rendering rich text

These rich text logs and images now render as expected in the Case History:


And in the Preview Pane:




Gary Sherman
August 19, 2015

This week we released Dovetail Agent version 7. Here’s a quick rundown of the major changes.


Part Requests

Logistics customers will be happy to know that we’ve brought Part Request functionality into our latest Dovetail Agent platform. This includes: Create and Edit Part Request Headers and Part Request Details Part Request Workflow operations: Accept,Assign,Dispatch,Forward,Reject,Yank,Close,Reopen Part Request Actions: Create New Part Request, Replicate Part Request Part Requests are available in My Work, Queries, Recent Items, and Search Part Request Header


Part Request Detail



Batch Actions – Change Status and Log Notes

Change Status and Log Note are now available as batch actions, making it easy to log a

Gary Sherman
June 30, 2015

When we have to insert, update, or delete data, DIET (Dovetail ArchiveManager) is often the tool of choice.

Updating an object

Typically, when we want to update some data, we just need to define its uniqueness properly.

For example, if I wanted to update a business rule property name,  I could define its uniqueness as a combination of its object type + name.

For example:

If I used DIET to import this file, and this prop_name  record didn’t exist in the database, then it would do an INSERT, which would create this prop_name record.

If I used DIET to import this file, and this prop_name record did exist in the database, then it would do an UPDATE, which would update the existing prop_name record. This would allow me to update the path or max length of that rule

Gary Sherman
June 24, 2015

This week we released Dovetail Agent version 6. Here’s a quick rundown of the major changes.


Faster all around

We’ve improved performance throughout the application, both on the front and back-end.

On the back-end, we’ve upgraded our major infrastructure components (including FUBU MVC, StructureMap, and Dovetail SDK), which improves the application startup time, as well as improves the time to process every request. We’ve also made improvements to the SQL generation module, which improves the performance of many database queries. In addition, queries are no longer executed on items without any relevant filters, which means fewer queries and better overall performance.

On the front-end, Dovetail Agent is now a true SPA (Single Page Application), which means navigating through the application is much faster. There are less requests from the client to the server, and

Gary Sherman
June 23, 2015

Our Dovetail Agent app is supported on Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Since Chrome and Firefox auto-update, users are typically on the most current version. ie.crash

IE is a different story, which pretty much all of us in the tech community are well aware. Continuing to support older versions of IE is more and more difficult. But, we are sensitive to the challenges of upgrading IE in enterprise environments. For Dovetail Agent, we support IE 9, 10, and 11. IE 9 has its challenges for sure.

Many organizations have stopped supporting older versions of IE, including Google.  And Microsoft recently announced that they were dropping support of older versions of IE.

Barrett Sonntag (one of our developers here at

Gary Sherman
June 18, 2015

Our development team from back in 2007, when we were creating Dovetail Rulemanager and Dovetail SchemaEditor.


Some smart folks right there. We created some good stuff that is still in use by many companies today.

And checkout that scrum board!

Gary Sherman
June 16, 2015

When Dovetail Rulemanager has a problem processing a business rule for some reason, it logs the problem. We can use these logs to help determine exactly what the problem is, and how to fix it.

We’ll walk through an example on troubleshooting a specific issue.

In this scenario, Rulemanager logged an error:

2015-06-12 10:23:07 [Consumer7] ERROR
FChoice.RuleManager.OperandException – FChoice.RuleManager.OperandException: (-1)
Invalid operand format for an IsIn operator.

It looks like there was a problem with a rule condition that uses an IsIn operator. So how do we know which rule this is referring to? There may be hundreds of rules in the system.

All of the needed information is contained in the log file. But since Rulemanager is a super busy application, and it’s multi-threaded, the logs contain a LOT of information.

In a log file I recently

Gary Sherman
June 12, 2015

A common fixture in our apps is the ubiquitous search box.  It’s available in Dovetail Agent, Dovetail Mobile, Dovetail Agent Lite, and Dovetail SelfService. It’s even available for the Clarify Classic Client.


The heavy lifting for search is all handled on the back end by the Dovetail Seeker application. But the front-end is what users interact with, so we’ll cover that here.

(BTW – If you’re looking for information on Dovetail Seeker, check out one of these posts, or review the docs.)

On the surface, it’s pretty easy to use – put in some search terms and find what you’re looking for.  But there’s a lot more power available, and I wanted to touch on

Gary Sherman
June 11, 2015

Back when we were still First Choice Software – our 10-year anniversary coffee mugs.


And it’s been 10 years since then, which means we’ve now been around as a company for 20 years!
Guess it’s time for some updated company swag.

Gary Sherman
June 9, 2015

Adding files to an item in Dovetail Agent is a pretty common activity.

File attachments are supported on the following items:

cases subcases solutions contracts site parts accounts

We’ve made it super easy to add a file, which uploads it to the server and “attaches” it to the item. File attachments are stored in a common location on the server.

Gone are the days of file attachments in the Clarify Classic Client where a file attachment resided on someone’s C drive, and couldn’t be accessed by anyone except the user who added the file attachment.


On each item, there’s a Files tab. Click on the tab, then click the + on the tab header. (From a development standpoint, we commonly refer to this as our plus-one pattern, where you click the plus sign to

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